Internet Explorer CSS Bugs


Internet Explorer is famous for not supporting many of CSS properties as well as contaning numerous bugs in the ones it supports.

This page lists problems in Internet Explorer, samples demontrating them as well as solutions where such are known.

Even though I've tried to classify the bugs based on their nature, many bugs can be classified under several sections in which case the bug will appear only under General Bugs section.


Currently the site contains 46 "General Bugs" tutorials, 5 "hasLayout Bugs" tutorials, 6 "No Support Workarounds" tutorials and 1 "Crash Bugs" tutorials; all that totals to 58 tutorials and 70 solutions.

Latest tutorial was published on: Wed Aug 19 15:38:47 2009.

The site contains 28 IE7 bugs and 19 IE8 bugs.

Note on Versions

In tutorials you'll see phrases such as "Affected: IE8 and all below" or "Fixes: all versions". By "all" I mean IE7 and IE8. IE5 and IE5.5 are history and this site does not consider those versions in the tutorials and solutions.

General Bugs

This section contains IE bugs that don't quite fit into other section or can be classified into two or more sections at the same time.

General Internet Explorer CSS Bugs
Bug Name Affected Versions Description
Image Label Focus Bug IE8, IE7 <img> elements that are inside <label> elements, when clicked, do not cause the focus to be transfered to corresponding form control.
No Auto-Margin Center on Buttons Inconsistency IE8 Button-like elements do not get centered when { display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } applied on them and `width` is not explicitly set
Incorrect Float Shrink-Wrap Bug IE7 Floated elements that follow other floated elements and have `clear` set do not shrink-wrap correctly
Document Scrollbars Overflow Inconsistency IE7 Unconventional default value for `overflow` on <html> element that may appear as a bug with regard to `overflow` on <body>.
Float Squeeze Weird Gap Bug IE7 A gap appears between last and second last floated elements that are stacked vertically.
Float Squeeze Duplicate Last Character Bug IE7 Last character of a floated element is duplicated.
Empty Element Height Bug IE7 Empty elements that have "layout" obtain height
Form Control Double Margin Bug IE7 horizontal margins on <input> and <textarea> elements are "inherited" from the ascendant with a margin and "layout"
IE7 1px Dotted Border Appears As Dashed Bug IE7 1 pixel dotted border appears as dashed when at least one of the border sides is styled of a width larger than 1px
Relative Overflow Failure Bug IE7 Elements with `overflow` set to either `hidden` or `auto` behave as if overflow was set to `visible` when descendants that are causing overflow have position: relative set on them
IE7 "Broken" :hover Absolute Bug IE7 :hover that changes left/top offsets of an absolutely positioned descendant does not appear to "work" if the element is hidden out of the view; if it's visible, the left/top offsets do not change on :hover
Button Background Shift On :active Bug IE8 Background shifts up and to the left on :active state when applied to <button> or <input type="submit">
Ignored :focus Bug IE8 A ruleset, selector of which contains :focus that is followed by another simple selector, is ignored
Invisible Hover Border Bug IE8 Bottom border on :hover state either does not appear completely or is 1 pixel short (or cancels out outline) when outline is set
Percentage Padding Margin Bug IE8 Vertical margins appear to collapse upon a specific combination of vertical padding set in percentages as well as border or padding set on the parent's parent
Image Float Bullet Chaos Bug IE8 Incorrect position or no rendering at all of list markers (bullets) when list items have floated images
Non-Inherited TH Text-Align Bug IE8 text-align value of ascendant isn’t inherited by the TH element
32 Styles Limitation IE8, IE7 Styles are ignored when they are set in the 32nd (or later) style method (i.e. <style>, <link> or @import)
Hover White Background Ignore Bug IE7 background does not change on :hover
IE7 Child Selector Comment Bug IE7 A selector containing child selector that is followed by a comment is ignored
PNG Image and Background Color Mismatch IE8, IE7 Colors specified in CSS differ from the ones used in PNG images despite having the same color code
No Auto Margin Center Pseudo-Bug IE8, IE7 side margins set to value `auto` do not center a block-level element
:first-line !important Rule Ignore Bug IE8 rules inside :first-line pseudo-class are completely ignored when !important modifier is used
:first-letter !important Rule Ignore Bug IE8 rules inside :first-letter pseudo-class are completely ignored when !important modifier is used
Partial Click Bug v2 IE7 only text is clickable/reactant to :hover on links [(optional) until the mouse cursor rolls over the actual text]
Staircase Bug IE7 Floated elements stack up like a staircase
noscript Ghost Bug IE8, IE7 <noscript> elements shows up when scripting is enabled; only borders/background is showing from it
No Transparency Click Bug IE8, IE7 transparent areas of background image on links is not clickable when `filter` is used to fix PNG transparency
List Drop Shift Bug IE8 Stuff in <li>s drops down below the bullet
No Increase on <ol> Numbers Bug IE7 The numbers on <ol> elements do not increase on subsequent <li>s
No Bullets on <ul> and <ol> Bug IE7 Bullets/numbers disappear from <ul> and <ol> elements
No line-height Vertical Center on Images Bug IE7 Images are not vertically centered using line-height method
No Background Image Bug IE8, IE7 No background appears in IE when background image is used (using `background` shorthand property)
Custom Cursor Bug IE8, IE7 custom cursors do not appear in IE
Negative Margin Bug IE7 Part of the element that is outside the container disappears when negative margins are used
Text-Align Bug IE7 text-align property affects block-level elements

hasLayout Bugs

IE bugs that are caused by elements having or not having "layout"

hasLayout Internet Explorer CSS Bugs
Bug Name Affected Versions Description
Scared of Floats Bug IE7 elements with layout clear floats instead of going around floated elements

No Support Workarounds

Various workarounds producing effect of properties and property values which are not implemented in IE.

No Support Workarounds
Workaround Name Affected Versions Description
Opacity IE8, IE7 opacity property is not supported