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hasLayout.net is a project started by Zoffix Znet on March, 25, 2007. The project is aimed to provide information on various bugs of any kind that are swarming in Internet Explorer.

Recent Additions

Below are recent tutorials that I've written.

CSS Internet Explorer Bug Tutorials

Bug Name Affected Versions Description Date
Image Label Focus Bug IE8, IE7 <img> elements that are inside <label> elements, when clicked, do not cause the focus to be transfered to corresponding form control. Wed Aug 19 15:38:47 2009
No Auto-Margin Center on Buttons Inconsistency IE8 Button-like elements do not get centered when { display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } applied on them and `width` is not explicitly set Wed Aug 19 10:22:23 2009
Incorrect Float Shrink-Wrap Bug IE7 Floated elements that follow other floated elements and have `clear` set do not shrink-wrap correctly Tue Aug 18 21:17:12 2009
Document Scrollbars Overflow Inconsistency IE7 Unconventional default value for `overflow` on <html> element that may appear as a bug with regard to `overflow` on <body>. Tue Aug 18 15:56:27 2009
Float Squeeze Weird Gap Bug IE7 A gap appears between last and second last floated elements that are stacked vertically. Tue Aug 18 12:27:50 2009

CSS Tutorials

Name Description Date
Breaking Up Long Lines With No Spaces In Them A short tutorial explaining how to break up those long lines with no spaces that just don't seem to want to wrap Wed Aug 26 18:17:22 2009
CSS "Shrink Wrap" Description of various methods to make block-level elements to be only as wide as their contents, i.e. "shrink wrap" Sat Aug 22 14:47:10 2009
Fixing "Page Shift" Problem Tutorial for fixing the "page shift" problem that happens on loading pages of different lengths or when page's length changes with scripts Tue Aug 18 18:56:03 2009
Removing Dotted Border on Clicked Links Dotted border appears on clicked links - what is it about and how to deal with it Sun Aug 16 22:00:27 2009
CSS Proportional Image Scale Demonstration and tests of proportional image scale with CSS Sun Aug 16 11:10:30 2009
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